Only makes me stronger

She was happy but at a point she realised everything. She has dreamt about him every night and every day. She wanted him. A lot. And she said: “I’m not in love. I don’t know him, that’s why it cannot be love. ” When she was in the city, in a pub or anywhere, she was always looking for him. She imagined how she would kiss him, or laugh with him, and how he would wonder how beautiful she is. But she thought when somebody else would come in her life, she would see it, and she could let him go. But no one came.

And now she understands why not; because she wouldn’t be happy with anyone else.

And him? The Boy? He never knew that there is a girl who was falling for him 3 years ago, and she still hope her dreams come true. They met and they just walked away like strangers. Cause they were.

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